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Introducing a Brand New Service!


We have started a new service to make life easier for you!

You can now send out newsletters, competitions, important notices, specials and so much more, hassle free!

As you may know, it is not possible to send out mass emails from your home or office computer, due to the fact that your email account will probably be closed down for spamming.

We have the solution for you!

Haps Newsletter Services now provides a platform from which to send bulk emails to as many clients as you wish, as regularly as you want to!
(Terms & Conditions Apply)

What we need from you

What does this new service include?

What will the newsletter include?


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Communicating with all your clients at once has never been easier!
All we need from you, is:

An excel document containing the names and email addresses of the people you want to receive the campaign email.*

  • Photos and images that must be used in the specific newsletter.
  • The information the specific newsletter must contain.
  • Photos and images that must be used in the specific newsletter.
  • A high quality logo you want to use in your header and email report.

The Newsletter will Include:

  • Your logo and contact details in the header.
  • Clickable link to website and email address.
  • Text based navigaton system on page.
  • All images and information you want included in the newsletter.
  • A footer that must including the following:
    • an unsubscribe link
    • an abuse link

  • It also can including the following:
    • a 'link to web version' of campaign
    • an 'update my profile' link to the footer
    • a 'subscribe link' to the footer
    • a 'send to friend' link to the footer
    • Twitter and Facebook sharing links to the footer

Included with this service, you will also receive:

Login details for a sub-account opened in your name, which will allow you to view and track any emails that has been sent as part of your campaign.

This will allow you to view :

  • how many emails have been sent
  • how many clients received the email
  • how many have been opened, clicked through
  • as well as compare the results between different campaign.

This newsletter was created by Happenings Websites. For more information, please contact networking@haps.co.za
*Please note: (We do not provide email addresses, and we do not send unsolicited emails! We also will not be sending out any spam.)
Prices for newsletters are available on request.

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