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September 2013 Newsletter for September & October 2013

Spring is in the air, and we at the Happenings offices, are feeling refreshed and exited. To celebrate the new season, we are running a few competitons to start it of with! Click here to READ MORE

July 2013 Newsletter for July & August 2013

This newsletter is also jam-packed with information on events and public holidays happening within South Africa, tips on staying healthy, our Webmaster's choice and accommodation recommendations... Click here to READ MORE

April 2013

Newsletter for April, May & June2013

With winter here in all it's glory, and the cold lurking behind every corner, we have accommodation and activites to keep you warm this winter... Click here to READ MORE

February 2013

Introducing a Brand New Service!

Bulk emailing ...

We have started a new service to make life easier for you! You can now send out newsletters, competitions, important notices, specials and so much more, hassle free! ...   Click here to READ MORE

April 2014

Our Special Easter Newsletter




Our Easter Newsletter includes some of our new Clients. With specials they have to offer.

November 2014

Our November Newsletter

Our November newsletter includes our new clients and some info on On-Line Advertising also some November Specials that our clients have to offer.

December 2014

Our December Newsletter

Watch this space


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March 2013

Easter Specials for Global Village...

Easter is a time to celebrate life in its abundance therefore, love, live
and let live with all the special people in your life ...   
Cilck here to READ MORE



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