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We are a internet advertising CC business, hosting eleven websites representing various areas of Southern Africa. Every website is known as a “Happenings” website such as, www.mpumalangahappenings.co.za  or www.mozambiquehappenings.co.za.


Our websites are hosted, maintained and optimised by us in order for our customers’ adverts to be easily found by the major search engines, when various different search words are used to look for information or products.


Collectively all eleven websites have achieved up to 9700 page hits per day, averaging between 6000 to 8000 page hits per day. While it is impossible to optimise for every search word we are generally found on the first page of Google thus tremendously benefiting our customers who advertise with us.


We sell various options for advertising on our websites at amazingly cost effective and affordable rates.






CEO nd Researcher.

Louis-John has owned his own farms and businesses for forty five years. He has been deeply involved with the game industry, the travel industry and the history and cultures of Southern Africa. The overall running of the company is his responsibility.

Together with Judy his wife they started “Happenings Websites” and a web designing and hosting company called “Ultra Quick Host” at the beginning of 2004.




Head of SEO & Website Design.

Judy was an English and Art teacher and Senior Lecturer for thirty five years.

Her unique flair for website designing and optimising, as well as her artistic ability has been the strength of the company’s ability to be so well found in order to provide such an excellent service to our clients.

Her grasp of the algorithms and what is needed to stay ahead in the industry is what has kept us abreast in a hugely competitive industry.




Partner & IT Director.

Renato is very much the unsung hero in the background. His ability and skills in the IT industry are what have kept the wheels turning and all the computers and machines doing what they should be doing.

He has years of experience and when a virus hits or a problem strikes, we appreciate the importance of his role is in our company. When things are running smoothly people tend to forget the backroom boys and how vital they are to the company.





Advertising Designer.

Susan joined us after gaining her diploma at CTU Computer College and is applying her skills learnt, to designing customer’s adverts and websites. Susan also is responsible for checking all the websites for corruption and broken links in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the websites. 



Office and Admin Manager.

Lolla has just joined our team and has had experience in running various businesses as manageress and office manager. Having bid Goodbye to Elsie our previous Admin Manager who has started her own business, Lolla has found her feet very quickly and is proving to be an enthusiastic team member.



Promise is actually the backbone of the smooth running of the office.

She keeps us watered up, tea'd up, coffee'd up and cleaned up.


Without her, we would all dry up and drift away!





What sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we advertise across the broad spectrum of businesses and do not concentrate on certain aspects of the business market only, like accommodation or restaurants.


This means that a would-be tourist, for instance, while planning a trip, could find accommodation, businesses, restaurants, medical, what to see and do information on just one website without going out of one website and back onto the internet to access further information. Our websites are all linked to each other so, whilst planning a trip, moving from one area of the country to another is easy, simple and user friendly.


One example was a person who searched for “Nelspruit houses for sale”.


It later became obvious that this person was moving to Nelspruit from Sandton, Gauteng. He came onto Mpumalanga Happenings property page and further viewed 37 pages of Mpumalanga Happenings, looking for and viewing subjects like medical facilities, shopping malls, schools, restaurants, golf clubs, restaurants, security firms and various other things that a person moving to a new town would want to know about. He found all this information on one single website without having to go back onto the search engines to search through other websites to obtain this information.


We have been in this business since 2004 and have grown from strength to strength and fine tuned and honed our marketing skills to keep up with the dynamic growth of the World Wide Web internet industry.



Our current customer base is across the whole business spectrum and our target market is any business that wishes to find affordable and yet effective internet advertising that works for them 24/7, as indeed our websites do.

We monitor our websites, which can be done on a twenty four hour basis around the clock. With the constant monitoring of our website results and how they are performing, we have had a marketing strategy shift, to provide for our adverts to be better found by the search engines.


We have noticed a huge increase in the number of searchers using Blackberry, iPad and Android. A lot of these searchers are from overseas countries touring within South Africa, and this has caused website designing to change in order to accommodate these searchers.  


The inclusion of a “You Tube” video clip on the advert has opened up huge opportunities for even more effective advertising to be offered.


This newer form of website design is aimed at the younger members of the public who in fact use these smaller hand held devices rather than a larger Laptop let alone Desktop Machines.


We offer an exciting range of packages for our clients, with the focus on You Tube.



In 2004 Louis-John and Judy first started as a website designing and hosting business. Judy at the time was writing a newsletter twice a month, called Mpumalanga Happenings. This was a free informative letter placed on email and in various public places for people to pick up and find out what was happening in the Lowveld area. It was so popular that people started phoning in to ask if they could advertise on the news letter. So was born the idea of starting a website called Mpumalanga Happenings combining advertising with news and information about the area. It did not take long before we were asked by businesses in other provinces if we could advertise for them and so we grew until we now have eleven Happenings Websites throughout Southern Africa, listed below.

  • Cape Town Happenings
  • Durban Happenings       
  • Gauteng Happenings        
  • Joburg Happenings           
  • Kzn North Happenings    
  • Limpopo Happenings       
  • Mozambique Happenings
  • Mpumalanga Happenings
  • Pretoria Happenings         
  • South Coast Happenings
  • Swaziland Happenings


Our vision is to have at least another ten Happenings Websites in this same area, servicing various branches of businesses catering for different customer needs, such as conferences, hiking and diving.

From a very modest beginning that enthusiastically celebrated the first time our first website received a 1000 page hits in one day we are now at the point where we have received collectively up to 9700 page hits in one day - and growing.


The 10 000 page hits should be reached in the near future and with our dynamic team in place we can look forward to expanding our customer base from 500 to a minimum of 1500 within a year.

This will put us securely on the business map of Southern Africa as a major role player in the internet and advertising business world.


We are based in Nelspruit Mpumalanga


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